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Jocko Combat Tested 2.0


Work. Lack of sleep. Overtraining. Life is full of stressors that can impact your testosterone levels. Take control with Combat Tested 2.0, a new & improved, all-natural formula that helps optimize testosterone levels for men. Testosterone is a key hormone crucial for your health, playing a role in muscle mass, bone density, mood, and vitality.

  • JOCKO FUEL CREATINE MONOHYDRATE: We’ve reviewed over 500 clinical studies to find out the safest, most optimal, & best dosage of Creatine to create the most effective and efficacious version out there.  
  • PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE: Studies show that creatine empowers you to push yourself harder physically, supporting muscle health and strength. 
  • COGNITIVE FUNCTION AND LONGEVITY: Creatine has been shown to act as a nootropic, supporting brain cellular function, memory retention, and vitality.  
  • SUPPORTS A LONG HEALTHSPAN: Supporting and maintaining muscle health and a functioning mind is important for all who want to live a longer and better quality of life. 
  • HOW IT WORKS: Creatine supports ATP production, which is the process that fuels the cellular function, energy, and output of the brain and body.

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